“Good tools are half the battle”

Reisaco has learned good lessons from this saying!

That is why you, as a professional, have been able to rely on Reisaco for many years for all tools and supplies in the field of producing frames. The extensive range covers the entire spectrum for the artisan frame maker, but also for museums, photographers and artists.

In 1947, Mr Reisinger founded the company Reisinger & Co N.V. Reisaco in its current form has existed since the early 1980s and is run by Mr. Willem Reisinger and his wife Caroline. The first 18 years were the location of Reisaco Schiedam. Nowadays the more than 1500 customers from the Benelux are now served from Oud Gastel, Noord-Brabant.

Always on the lookout for novelties, Reisaco ensures that its range is constantly up-to-date. You are therefore assured of a good tool because Reisaco does not deliver half work!


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You can email us for more information at info@reisaco.nl.